Customer Experience Monitoring

We monitor your website's core customer journeys so you can focus on adding business value with peace of mind.


Simulate and monitor critical customer journeys on your site.

Customer journeys

Get setup quickly

Have an inspectant simulate and monitor your login and logout journey and gradually build more complex journeys with different frequencies.

Monitor Service Level Agreements

Built for error budgets

Systems can never be 100% reliable. Error budgets are built into the journeys to allow a buffer for errors. We help you agree on a level of availability and tailor a solution that fits.

Alerting and dashboards

Informed when customer experience is degrading

Our dashboards and alerting solutions allow your Operations team to take action fast, reducing your Time To Detect (TTD) and Time To Recover (TTR). This translates into happier customers and potential cost savings from failures that would have gone unnoticed.

With you all the way

We build the automated test instructions for you

We will work with you throughout the journey to ensure we find the most appropriate customer journeys to monitor and write the code.

Global capabilities

Run your tests globally

We can run your tests from multiple major geographic regions.

  • 1 x website
  • 1 x Customer Journey login/logout
  • Frequency - every 10 minutes
  • Portal access to graphs
  • Slack alerts channel
  • Slack test log channel
  • 1 x website
  • 2 x Customer Journey
  • Frequency - every 10 minutes
  • Portal access to graphs
  • Slack alerts channel
  • Slack test log channel
  • Pagerduty alerts
  • 24/7 support
  • 1 x website
  • 3 x Customer journeys
  • Frequency - every 10 minutes
  • Portal access to graphs
  • Slack alerts channel
  • Slack test log channel
  • Pagerduty alerts
  • 24/7 support
  • N x website
  • N x customer journeys
  • Frequency - every 1 minute
  • Portal access to graphs
  • Slack alerts channel
  • Slack test log channel
  • Pagerduty alerts
  • Custom alert integratioon
  • Multiple geographic locations
  • Smoke Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • 24/7 support
  • Cypress Hosting
  • Host tests in your Azure Cloud

What customers are saying

It's been a pleasure working with Inspectant, they have very quickly worked out our user journey and made the implementation of Inspectant very simple for Imagecloud without using much of our resources.

“Being a global SaaS business, Imagecloud needs meaningful monitoring of the customer experience and finally now with inspectant.io, we have it.”

Gough Venter - Imagecloud
Gough Venter
“With all the monitoring tools we have on our infrastructure, nothing has been able to give us this level of insight for troubleshooting, identifying trends and making all the teams fully aware of what the end user is actually experiencing”
Josef Nalevansky
Josef Nalevansky
“With Inspectant we can see what's happening before a ticket is raised and we can drill down into specific time of day when the experience is degraded, focusing our attention on fixing the 5% of time that the system is not optimal.”

Level up your reliability

Get started today and monitor your customer experience. Detect potential catastrophic incidents before your customers do.

Cypress Hosting

Struggling to scale your Cypress Testing. We can run 100’s and 1000’s of cypress tests at scale.  If you have dozens of Cypress test suites that need to run in parallel, take advantage of our Cypress hosting package that will take care of the infrastructure for you. Focus on writing your tests and we will take care of the rest. Integrate your Cypress  tests with our infrastructure via your CI/CD pipeline. Contact us for a custom quote.

No longer worry about tests slowing down your releases and taking valuable engineering time to manage. Get Inspectant to run your tests at speed & scale.

Tests can be deployed to multiple geographic locations simultaneously so you can have a view on how your customers are experiencing latency all over the globe.

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There are a lot of  monitoring solutions out there. But none of them offer our out of the box customer experience monitoring. Your engineering team will need to significantly invest in skills to deploy tests and manage the infrastructure. It is also extremely challenging to setup the right metrics and alerts. With Inspectant we take care of all the testing and infrastructure so your teams can focus on delivering value.

We do not alert if a single test or even if multiple tests fail. We will alert if the error budget burn rate is too high or exceeding a threshold. This design allows for building in unreliability into systems. No system is 100% reliable, so we should allow for small portion of errors. We agree with you what the availability criteria are e.g. 99.95% and will build alert thresholds on this data.

The alerting system will trigger when the SLA is in jeopardy of being violated or if the error budget is being spent too quickly. This will allow for a buffer and your ops team will sleep better at night.

It is like giving your kids $100 spending money. We agree that they should only spend $20 a month and save the rest. If they spend too fast or start spending more than $20 in a 30 day period, you will want to be alerted to help advise them on their financial management skills! Error budgets work the same way.

This accomplishes the following:

  • Meaningful alerts
  • Reduce alert fatigue
  • Monitoring based on real SLAs based on Service Level Objectives (SLOs)
  • Allows for a margin of error in the system under monitor, which is a more realistic monitoring approach to alerting

All of our global regions use reserved IP addresses for outbound traffic. All you need to do is whitelist our IP addresses to bypass MFA.

Service compliance graph

The main graph shows your Service Level Agreement as a Service level Objective and how much of your error budget has been consumed by failing tests. Remember we allow for some tests to fail to avoid alert fatigue.
Error budgets.
When the purple line is above the yellow line, your team should focus on stability and technical debt. When the purple line is below the yellow line, your team  can push out more features and take higher risks.
Test details graphs
 These graphs will show the duration of the tests and success/failure count.

Your home page is critical when it comes to how long it takes for a user to interact with it. Many developers measure the incorrect metrics. What is important is time to interaction, this tells us how long it takes for a user to actually interact with the page, far more useful than page load time. Usually page load times will be very high, due to below the fold artifacts being loaded. All you want to ensure is the visible portion of the home page loads fast.

Inspectant includes SLO graphs based on time to ineractive, so you will be alerts if this value degrades.

We provide detailed graphs for the home page load time and of course the service compliance graphs and alerts.

Pagespeed graph